Lucid Dreams activated by iPhone/iPodTouch

Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by MrRBlack, Oct 25, 2009.

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    I would like to make a app for iPodTouch/iPhone that can help you induce lucid dreams.

    If you dot know anything about lucid dreaming check out

    The thing I like to go for is the flashing light while your dreaming that is pretty much the same as lucid dreaming goggles like:

    My wife hand made me a sleep mask that I can slip the iPodTouch (what I have) in a pocket in the front of the mask. The mask has holes inside so you can see the glow of the screen.

    With the iPod turned off, the mask is completely dark like a normal sleep mask.

    If you read up on lucid dreaming you would find out that:

    The first few hours you go to sleep you deep sleep...
    No dreaming in deep sleep...
    When you dream, you don't know your dreaming but insted aimlessly follow.
    If you had a light trigger flashing on your eyes while your dreaming, you will recognize that your dreaming. (Or at least train your self to recognize it)
    Once you realized your dreaming, your dreams come alive with super clarity with full control over what you want to do.
    You do lose these dreaming powers during the lucid dream, so you need more than one time to be triggered by lights thru out the night, to reactivate lucidity.

    The app I would like to make would be like a alarm clock. More like multi alarm clock. But instead of sounds, flashing lights. Can be set and/or repeated however you like to ensure you will trigger lucidity.

    The light flashing doesn't have to be fancy since the screen is so close to your face. I would think a full screen color would do like many of the strobe apps already on app store. Being able to pick colors and rate of blinking/strobing, brightness, whatever works for you.

    Is it possible to make the app come on and start flashing while the iPod is off?, to save battery.

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    Maybe make an 8 hour time-line to set the flashing times to go off thru out the night. Flash for 5 mins every 20 mins or something that the user can set.

    I am thinking about a simple app nothing fancy. Actually something like the app "Attractor" only with flashing lights not sound. But also lasting the whole night 8hr at least and not drain the iPhone/iPodTouch.

    Maybe later add fancy stuff like binaurl beats and soothing music. Dream journal etc. Stuff related to Lucid Dreaming.

    I have the SDK and starting to learn about making apps but I have a PPC Mac. iPhone SDk only works on Intel Macs. I know there was away to get it working on PPC Mac but I haven't found any info getting the 3.1.2 SDK to install and work on PPC Mac. If anyone know a website with step by steps for SDK 3.1.2 let me know!

    Anyone want to help me with this app? Tell me what you think!

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    Sounds like a good idea for an app..

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