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    Welcome to my Mafia Live! Guide!
    Hello! Have you ever wondered how those level 10-20s have such high income?
    You have finally reached the right place, I have went from level 1-13 5 times and I have figured out how they do it!
    All 5 times I have reached a income of 10m+
    The Basics for new players or people who restart:
    Do you remember seeing all those guides saying you need to spend your zen points into energy your first couple of levels?
    Well Don’t! I have figured out that if you want to have a high income you need to dip it into Stamina, Attack, and Defense.
    Each level I would recommend to get 1 stamina point(2 zen points), 1 Attack, and the rest into defense. Once you get to around 20 defense stop putting it into defense if you have Wi-Fi close. You should keep getting stamina but then put the rest into attack. Once you hit 50 Attack advance your defense to 30 or whatever your little heart desires depending on your Wi-Fi availability(Iphone users I recommend 30 defense)

    You have done all that above to of course fight!
    You should start out with Bats/Machetes, then move onto revolvers and helmets.
    Very slowly if your tight on money you should look into upgrading to AK-47s.
    Remember: You ALWAYS need family to win fights.
    Once you Start hitting it big in investments(will talk about in next section) You should start buying armored suits, Armored Vehicles, or Maserattis, and M-16s.
    Make sure you look at everyones properties and weapons when picking fights, you will sure enough hit the jackpot on somebody!

    The only right way I found to buy into properties was by using a ROI(Return On Investment Calculator) The Black Rose has done a spectacular job on one called The Master!
    Just follow the ROI Calculator and you should be on your way to making millions/cycle! Just remember to look at every little detail while fighting!

    The Black Rose-(The Master)
    Aftershock Innovations-Making such a fun, and addicting game!
    (Guys, I realize that this may need some work to this guide, but this is my first Mafia Live! Guide. I have spent a great deal of time testing everything out, making sure I had aced the way to get a great income at such a low level)
    If you could please rate this on 1-10 I would appreciate it!
    If you like this guide, and it is working for you, Don’t be afraid to add me

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