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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Ryan, Jun 7, 2009.

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    So here is the problem

    Dropped it yesterday.

    Everything was working fine except the lock button didnt work.

    Someone called me yesterday and it was fine and i closed the call and then the screen wouldnt turn on for like.. 5 minutes.

    This morning I got a text message, then the screen wouldnt turn on. Just randomly like that.

    I plug it into my PC, it vibrates as normal and appears in iTunes and syncs fine etc except still no screen...

    I needed to replace the headphone jack anyway so luckly I had access to a replacement headphone jack which is also connected to all the other functions such as the on/off switch, vibrate switch and volume buttons. So essentialy i have a replacement for each one of those parts.

    So i took off the back of the iPhone and unscrewed the power button from the casing. This then showed me that the little black dot which was ment to be in the middle of the "switch" was moved so i took that off and glued it back on in the correct place.

    I plugged my iPhone back into the computer and it was recognised in iTunes again. I held down the home button and manualy pressed down the power switch from inside. Usualy this would force a reboot. Nothing happened. Please note that the volume, headphone jack and vibrate button still works. So its not a problem with the cable in general.

    So yeah, thats the first problem.

    Second problem, the fact that the screen wont work. I havn't dwelled into the depths of the iPhone yet as the screen cable are underneath the logic board and im really not in the mood to undo all of that at the moment.

    So, I need some help, what damage could have been caused from dropping the iPhone straight onto its metal back that stopped the power button from working, and also the screen to play up.

    Thank you.


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