Looking To Create A Free Spare Time Internet Deathcore/Grindcore Band

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    Im just really bored, and I have gotten into singing death grunts, and anything used in Deathcore/Grindcore (Although the Grindcore vocals (Those long long long inhales that match the guitar pitch) I am trying to make all my stuff exhale.

    Im 14, and I got pretty much a mid-low voice, so I'm not high sounding.

    What I Know So Far:

    These are all Exhales

    High Screams
    Mid Screams
    Low Screams
    Gutters (Working On Making Better)
    Pig Squeals (Working On Making It Sound Better, I got the high pitch in it, but doesn't sound too much like a pig squeal)
    Grindcore Vocal (Long Inhale thing, working on making exhale)
    And some other stuff, not good enough to mention

    What I'm Looking For:

    You Must Have Good Recording, I Use Garageband, Audacity Seems To Be Good For Windows Users

    Guitarist (Lead)
    Guitarist (Rhythm)
    Drummer (Better have fast feet (lol))
    Melodic Instrumental (Incase we decide to go melodic deathcore or melodic grindcore, we would need someone who knows synth and other melodic instruments)

    How This Will Work:
    Just like a normal band, except we talk preferable on aim and we create a song by each person recording there part, and you can send it to me, and Ill put it together and sing to it (I need to hear a song to sing to it, so its better to send it to me, but if someone needs more instruments playing then me, you can put it together, this is all flexible)

    Then who ever finishes the song will distribute it to the other band members to use as free will, (If there is any chance of us say selling the music (Doubt It) then do a favor and don't release the songs free.

    Thats all I can say atm, if you are unsure of some of the bands that match that genre, definitely look up:

    All Shall Perish (Deathcore) (Definitely check this band out)
    As Blood Runs Black (Deathcore)
    We Butter The Bread With Butter (Grindcore/Brutal Deathcore/Melodic) Definitely Check This Band Out) (They are german, so don't think you found the wrong band)
    Chainsaw Massacre (Death Grind) (Free)
    Whitechapel (Deathcore) (I don't like this type of deathcore as much as I like ASP or ABRB)
    Bring Me The Horizon (Deathcore) (Old Stuff)

    Band name will be decided when the band is created, everyone gets a say.

    Well, I think thats it, This band is nothing serious atm, just a thing to do when were bored and feel like making music.

    Post here if you want to try out or PM.


    - Khaos139

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