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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by FreakedOut, Feb 18, 2009.

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    3G iPod touch
    I'm looking to buy an iPod-enabled clock radio. I have narrowed my choices to the following:

    However, when I call the manufacturer, they all say the same thing: that they cannot be used with cases. When asked why, they told be because the radios get really really warm, and it could melt the polycarbonate case. Is it true?

    Also, when asked what the difference is between the iH9B6 and IP9BR, they told me the only difference is an RF shield. Would the 30 extra dollars for the IP9BR be worth it? I have an iPod Touch, not an iPhone.

    Of course,the difference would only matter if I can get a firm answer that cases do not pose a hazard when docked. I would want to burn the house down, now would I? Also, in that case, which one would you recommend?

    If they do pose a fire threat, then I'll end up the getting the DLO charger instead.
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    i dont know about the fire hazard problems but i know that most of ipod speakers/docks are especially sized to fit those that do not have cases. There are some cases like the incase slider that can be used with speaker/docks because the bottom bit of the case is detachable allowing you to dock the ipod, but most of the time, the additional bulk of the case on the ipod will not enable it to be inserted correctly into the dock

    i know that's true for bose cuz i have sounddock but i've heard that ihome does it too...dont know about sony

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