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Discussion in 'Social Game Friend Codes' started by terabite, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Jan 24, 2009
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    So this is the new IT game apparently...i love it alot of others love it's great and the devs seem to want to keep everyone happy with updates. I like taking a look at these games and see how they work especially multiplayer ones...especially lets say i could benefit from knowing how something works.

    I know since MafiaLIVE is a multiplayer game it has to load the data from a server somewhere so by simply playing the game and going into your router logs you can see that your ipod is requesting data from http://spgc.aftershocksf.com. The dev's site is aftershocksf.com so this is the correct server and it is a dedi hosted by softlayer.

    spgc.aftershocksf.com is a blank page, i wonder if there is a way to access this backend... any thoughts?

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