Looking for what I would think would be a simple cheat.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by casanova666, Jan 23, 2010.

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    No, I'm not wanting to cheat. I'm wanting payback for those who try and cheat me. There is a game that I installed titled Mancala FS5, it's free. I am so sick of folks skipping their own turn. I have searched to no avail on how they do it. They force me to take a second turn by skipping theirs. How do I do this with the iPod touch?

    Surely it must be simple, and not some well kept secret *lol*. However, I can't figure out or find out how to do it anywhere on the net. Does anyone know how? My OCD is kicking in and it's driving me nuts trying to find the answer for this, more than wanting to use the cheat. Most people quit on you anyway when you use it, but for those that use it on me I want to bounce the turn right back on them. PLEASE!!!!

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