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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by abourne, Jan 5, 2009.

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    I'm looking for a iPod Touch App that Syncronizes notes between the iPhone and the web.

    I found one here:


    However, I'm looking for something a little more useful since all it is now is pretty much a back-up of notes on their web site (I'm not interested in the sharing features of this App).

    While this APP allows the user to post notes on either the iPod Touch or the web and syncs between the two, it does not offer any of the following features I'm looking for.

    I'm looking for what's above, plus the following:

    1) An RSS subsciption Feed into my RSS Reader so that I may read/review my notes in Google Reader

    Adding a simple RSS Feed on the web interface will allow me do view my notes in my RSS reader and keep them marked as unread as long as I wish.

    2) The ability to post a note via SMS

    3) The ability to post a note via Email

    4) The ability to psot a note via IM

    Many other types of services offer 1) throgh 4) above.

    Some interesting notes:

    Notespark.com - offers the ability to Sync notes between the iPhone and the web

    Gubb.net - offers the ability to post via email and SMS, but not IM. Offers RSS feed capabilities.

    reqall.com - offers the ability to post via IM, but not Email or SMS. Offers RSS feed. Also, has an accompanying iPhone App.

    xpenser.com - offers the ability to post via Email, SMS, or IM. Has RSS feed, but not isolated to a single report. No iPhone App, but is iPhone friendly on iPhone Safari.

    Now, if only I could somehow combine the key features of all four of these services into a synchronizing Notepad or synchronizing ToDo List, I'll be all set.

    Anyone know of such an App or willing to design one?

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