Looking for a journal/note app.

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    I'm looking for a journal type app for my iphone and i have looked everywhere and not found anything that is right.

    What i need is:

    1. a nice layout and design, easy to navigate.
    2. Able to create a page with txt, photos from camera roll or anythign taken straight from camera via app, maybe even a drawing part and have them all on page and not in seperate sections
    3. built in browser where i can select certain parts or have a screeshot from webpage and have stored in same note like above

    Ive tried many apps and none work how i need them too.

    Take a note is good and i really like it but the images are kept on a separate note which is no use to me.

    Ever note is weird for me, I don't like the layout and how the pages keep the text and images in same place.

    Awesome notes doesn't have built in web browser and you cant put image sin your note. <-- this app is perfect if it had the ability to include images in your notes and same webclips into note.

    Omni note is best one so far, but its not got a very nice layout and no ability to save from webpages (only option is to screenshot from safari and then import into app which takes too long).

    I have searched online for this app i want, but i cant find any that are what i need and i know i can learn how to code and make the app myself, but i'm not very clever...

    Im sorry for being fussy but i need this app for college work and stuff and its very important i have all these features.

    If this helps i would like a simple app which works like the windows courier tablet but iphone style (typing text instead of writing by hand and alot easier navigation)

    im sorry if that makes no sense, im terrible at english.
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    also, i was looking at Circus Ponies notebook app for mac and thats the sort of thing i want for iphone, anyone help me out?

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