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    Is there a way to make the lockscreen and homescreen backgrounds 2 different images?

    if so how?



    To set your phone to have one picture on the Lock Screen, and another picture as the springboard background!

    Courtesy of modmyi.com;

    So using that, I made a folder with a .theme name (like "example.theme"), then in that I placed the jpg file of the picture I wanted on the LOCK SCREEN, and renamed it to LockBackground

    Then, open Winterboard on the phone, select your new theme (whatever you named your folder, it will be listed as that), and also select USER WALLPAPER

    Then back on the springboard, go to your photolibrary or camera roll and select the image you want to be behind your icons on the springboard. Set it to be wallpaper. Normally this sets the image as the wallpaper on the lock screen, but with the above hack it's reversed - this now becomes the springboard wallpaper

    you can lock this

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    uh the lockscreen wallpaper you select via settings.app or you can do it manually or from photos.app or any number of other ways

    the springboard wallpaper is called Wallpaper.png in a winterboard theme

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