Location-Aware Toggles

Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by Espekia, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I've wanted for years (on my Dumbphone) a program that could turn silent mode on based on the time, so I wouldn't have to remember to turn silent mode on at night, at college ect. With the iPhone I thought this could be taken a step further. My idea is for an app that can toggle many things based on different rules. For example you could set it to activate silent mode when at home and between certain times (this would need GPS obviously). Or something that puts it on silent when you enter the library, dims the screen if it's daytime any you have battery below a certain level or any combination of triggers really. The main aim would be a Mute toggle, based on just time and location, but you could let any other measurable variable affect any other setting. It may seem just lazy, but it's more about forgetfulness. I miss loads of calls because I have forgotten to unmute my phone in the mornings, and have been woken up by late night texts when I forget to mute it at night. I think this is something that many people may find useful, and it seems a doable project.

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