iOS 4.1 LimeRa1n Instructions

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by OlyKwon, Oct 10, 2010.

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    same rules as blackra1n apply if your on 7/vista run it as admin make sure the device is in DFU mode before running it , hold home 5 seconds then hold power without letting go of home for 11 seconds then let go of power and keep holding hom...e for another 20 seconds, make sure u hear the noise of windows redetecting the iphone, itunes should show it in recovery mode and the screen should be black, remember do all this as its plugged into the computer,
    place limera1n in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support,
    you may have to use control panels folder options to disable not showing hidden files and folder in order to access the foler to put limera1n in but once its in there and ur in dfu mode then run limera1n if your on xp normally but if on 7 vista right click it and click run as administrator and youd iPhone should be jailbroken on the new 4.1.0 bootrom, once in then run limera1n or blackra1n from springboard witchever shows up then install cydia then run cydia let it update remove the packages it asks you to then your good to go, you can ssh in to /applications to remove the black/ to get it off ur springboard, enjoy another fine release XD, keep in mind its buggy might have to restore a few times before it jailbreaks
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    There are about 4 other threads like this, ironically none of them give the same instructions, and all of them work for various people...

    For instance I did not put in DFU mode before I clicked Make It Rain, and I ran limerain.exe from the desktop. Windows 7 32 bit btw...

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