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    hey. just got my ipod touch 16 yesterday and i cant wait to hack it. unfortunatly
    i am at scholl and cant download stuff at school. but i will be home in 3 weeks

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    . i am not new to macs or ipods though. ive had the 2nd gen 10 gig, 4th gen photo 20 gig, 5th gen ipod video 30 black ( lost it at wallmart though, the reason why i now have a touch

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    ) and we have 4 nanos in my house and 3 minis. ive been using macs for almost 7 years now. i have a few questions though- is there any app that can make the touch not go to album veiw when its on its side? i tend to hold it on its side and it anoys me when i want to switch a song and i have to keep tilting it up. aso ( yes ive searched this but it doesnt( the actual search) work) is there anyway to set a perminant backround with out using a 3rd party app? thank you. also what cases you guyys recomend?

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