Lg Invision expandable memory only 8gb?

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    i was debating putting this in the help section, but i decided it was more of a "why" thread so i decided not to

    well, today my dad said he was going to get a texting plan for the family and was having my brother and i look at cell phones, offering to let me get a new one (while it would be my brother's first)
    i was scrolling through the list of available phones on the AT&T site and i like the looks of the LG Invision the most
    its cheap and has everything i need, plus many things my current phone (a Slvr) doesn't have, such as expandable memory
    now, i'm wondering why it can only take 8gb micro SD cards, because i browsed online to look at prices and i noticed that there are 16gb sizes
    on the Invision's specs, it says "expandable memory (up to 8gb)
    now, i'm wondering why it can only take up to 8gb cards, and not anything larger
    i mean, its still a micro SD card, after all
    i searched online a bit but couldn't find any answers as to why the size of the card is apparently limited
    does anyone happen to know?

    edit: well, i was looking at one of the sites that sells a Sandisk 16gb micro SD
    and halfway down the page is a "compatible devices" list, included in which is the Invision
    now, i'm going to assume it is compatible with the phone, but why would at&t say its limited to 8gb cards?

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