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Discussion in 'iPhysics [old jailbreak version]' started by jmccnz, Jan 11, 2008.

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    In a lot of the levelpacks for iPhysics I often come up against this problem, not sure if anyone else agrees but here it is:

    The problem is there is not enough space to effectively drop objects against the ball to move it, or to make joint-based clubs. This then leads to the only solution being to "stack" objects against the ball to push it along, especially when going uphill.

    This often happens when the ball starting position is too close to the edges of the screen, in particular when the ball starts in the top left corner, you have no room to drop much on top of the ball. One of the recent levelpacks has a level where the ball is half off the screen on the right hand side, this makes it difficult to move it.

    Solution: Could levelpack makers consider creating less fixed objects to make more space? Maybe we could think about where we place the ball for a starting point.
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    yea, i've ran into this problem too, what i do is just make a small line under one side of the ball so it can roll a bit...

    but yes, we definitely should work on that lol

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