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Do you own lego mindstorms v. 2? and if so, do you like and use it?

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  2. own v. 2

  3. use v. 1

  4. use v. 2

  5. like v. 1

  6. like v. 2

  7. dont like v. 1

  8. dont like v. 2

  9. want v.1 or 2

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  10. dont know what a lego mindstorms is

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  1. steve19137

    steve19137 New Member

    Feb 8, 2009
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    i think this is the right place to talk about this, but please correct if wrong

    a lego mindstorms app would be very, very cool. cuz instead of the brain thingy having a program string built into it, you could use the iphone as a remote!!! that would be epic!!! and you could also, if you wanted, make the program string on the iphone, and move it to the robot without the computer!!!! and if this app was only available on cydia, then all the ssh type stuff and file systems could be built into it!!!! this could be very cool, but im not a programmer, and my dad

    A). doesnt know objective-c
    B). works (duh)
    C). doesnt really want to make an iphone app.

    so if someone really wanted to take the time to build this app, i could help with beta testing. i know that makes me sound unbearably lazy, but

    A). i dont know a thing bout any sort of programng language, and
    B). i cant do any graphic design whatsoever.

    but since i have the mindstorms program on my mac, i could access my mc with my xp, enter the mindstorms folder, and extract the pngs if needed. so im open for a very long time. a hae a whole summer ahead of me, and i have no plans what so ever. so if you want to try this, pm me, and we can start. sounds good to me!
  2. Raeki

    Raeki New Member

    Mar 10, 2010
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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    I totally agree...

    I've been searching for ages for an app and its kinda sad that there isnt.

    The only "app" requires two iDevices (which is more complicated and makes more sense) (

    How hard is it to make a program that simply connects to your Mindstorm and then sends 4 different signals (front back left right) depending on where you click?

    FunkNXT is a 3rd party app for Nokia phones and it does just that; it even has options for how powerful the motors are running and it even tells you the conditions of the sensors (it shows how bright is the light the light-sensor is sensing, if the touch sensor is pressed, and the distance detected by the US-sensor)

    I'm sure someone who knows iDevice Programing (or Cydia Programming) could easily create an app for this and I would definitely appreciate it =D (not to mention I'm willing to $$$ hint-hint-hint...)

    BTW here is the link to FunkNXT, Something like that would be great except with options to change the motor power during runtime:

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