La Amistad

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    anyone seen the movie 'La Amistad'? its a great movie directed my Steven Spielberg about these 44 Africans that take over a slave ship but still end up in the U.S. they get held captive and everyone is fighting over who they "belong" to. it can be graphic at times. like when this one African guy goes crazy with anger and stabs the ship captain like five times with a sword in the poring rain. and another time when the same African is describing the journey on the ship where they make them all lay down naked in the ships hull and then later the crew tie 50 Africans together and tie rocks to one end of the chain and throw them all over board. then in the U.S they went though these trials as the defendants and it goes to the supreme court. we just finished watching it in our English 12 class. the teacher even told us to not tell any other teachers that we watched it. it REALLY gives you a clear look at how sh*tty the life of a slave or captured African was back when we though slavery was necessary. its a 8 outa 10 for me.

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