Killzone 3 With PlayStation Move

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    PlayStation Move is well known for having some hardcore games. But out of all the games that use the Move peripheral, Surely Killzone 3 is the the most hardcore? Even without the PlayStation Move peripheral, Guerilla's next shooter's an exciting prospect- But throw in some Motion Controls in a genre thats proven a hit and you've got something potentially monumental on your hands. But can Killzone 3 on Move live up to its billing?

    In a word, yes.

    As You'd expect, the controller dictates where the camera goes, and moving it to the extremities of the screen shifts the player around, while the navigation controller works in tandem to provide movement. Snapping to cover requires you to use the Move button, and navigating from your hiding spot is done by pointing the controller.

    This experience is one filled with a choppy Frame-rate, but there is no doubt because its an early build of the game. But it doesn't help get an impression of how the game works.

    There Control gestures thrown in too, and pleasingly they seem thoughtfully integrated. Empty a magazine and a twist of the controller reloads, add the brutal melee system is unsurprisingly brought to life with Move.And what is more satisfying then plunging a knife into a Helghan's eye for yourself?

    New Killzone 3 multilayer trailer

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