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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by antonyfl, May 27, 2008.

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    i made the mistake of installing Kate before... I unintslalled it afterwards but unfortunately everytime i restart the ipod it seems to freeze the ipod screen so ihave to use Killboard to reboot my springboard then all apps work again... i didnt restore cuz was lazy to isntall everything back. Now i rebooted my ipod (frozen) but wifi is turned off, cant use killboard cuz i put it into a category (dumb idea i know) and i cant use anything on my ipod cuz everything is in categories.... (meaning no refresh of ipod touch) and i DONT WANT TO RESTORE because i have save game files in there that took me a b*tch ass long time to get there.... I will restore if its my last option...

    So heres my question:

    Can i start my wifi without having to use a program? (its been turned off via bossprefs previously) By like rebooting my ipod touch to refresh the NVRAM (i assume this wont work because the ipod touch is NOT the same as my router oO)

    I used total commander but it didnt work for my ipod touch 1.1.4... I tried iphonebrowser buit it claims its not jailbroken so i cant reinstall killboard..........................

    Any other methods
    (if your just gonna say RESTORE and not be helpful at allllll then dont bother replying)

    thanks for any help i can get from anyone

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