just upgrade to 19.99$ t-zones..what setting i need?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by touch_it, May 9, 2008.

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    im on 19.99 t-zone plan now but they say that it could take up to 24/48 hours for it to kick in...

    now im a bit confuse on what setting to i need now?

    i have 5.99 t-zone hacks/big boss experimental..
    my network EDGE setting is ''wap.voicestream.com''..

    do i need to change the ''wap.voicestream.com'' to internet2.voicestream.com OR internet3.voicestream.com...
    im in USA..

    what do i need to change in setting or uninstall/install..

    everything works fine just cant view youtube on EDGE..and i try the speed test and i get about 80kbs same as the 5.99 but ill test it after 48 hours past to make sure that the 19.99 is sure active and see if i get a faster EDGE speed..


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