Just jailbroke my 2.2 itouch, some questions!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Touchy76, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Hello al

    I have managed to jailbreak this sucker, the redsnow application worked like a charm, too easy! I am kinda new to all this and need some pointers. So now I have a new 'gateway' to applications called cydia, so is cydia really just another 'store' like the itunes store? what is so special about it? Ive had alook at the applications etc and I am not exactly overwhelmed by it all but I am sure its through my own ignorance! Are the applications very different to itunes? Do they do things that the itunes ones dont do?? Is cydia the only other 'store' that you can access once you have jailbroken your itouch??? I presume that once you sync your itouch to itunes it wont recognise this cydia application?

    One other thing, I have downloaded loads of itunes apps from *******s recently, they come in the form of IPA files, how do I add these to my itunes library or can I? Is there a thread on this that will show me how to do it??

    I'm sure if I do some digging most of my questions will be answered but if somebody can point me in the right direction, I would be very greatful!

    Many Thanks

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    It's similar. It's a portal for downloading jailbroken applications, paid and free.

    Have a look here and here for some good pointers on good applications. Remember that you will need to add more repository sources into Cydia to see even more applications. You probably just have the Community Sources installed at present. More repo sources can be found here.

    The App Store is inhabited prodominantly by games and applciations that run under Apple's tight restrictions.

    Yes they usually do things that Apple doesn't want you to do. That's why they are on Cydia and not the App Store.

    No you can also use RipDEV's Installer4, though I would advise against it as it is buggy and anyway most of teh apps are mirrored on Cydia. RipDEV have also produced a Cydia clone called Icy. I would also advise against using that, but some people like it due to it's 'perceived' speed advantage.

    Cydia and the iTunes/App Store work independently. You will have no problems running Cydia.

    Read the rules. We do not tolerate the discussion of pitated material here. Support the developers and read our forum rules again. I will be levying a 24hr ban on you shortly for this transgression.

    All your questions have been answered, now go and read our forum rules.
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    Well at least he was honest on what he did.

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    I'll call the FBI to track his IP

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    oh wait I cant do that lol.
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    Feb 6, 2009
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    Hey, i have a question.

    I just recently (yesterday night)
    Jailbroke my 2g ipod touch 8gb with Quickfreedom, and now i cant download anything from the appstore..

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    If i open the Appstore its working ad everything..
    i wanna download fring ya c so i click on fring, the page loads, i click the little FREE button then INSTALL and it pops up with:

    This applications requires iphone 2.0 software update
    and i can click ok to close it....

    That happens with every app i find

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