Just Bought a Used Touch...Guidance Needeed

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by TheIisKool, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I just picked up a used 8gb Touch Gen 1 yesterday. The lady said it just died, and she thought it was the battery.I got nothing when pushed the power, and the home button. So i thought it was dead.

    I bring it home, and connect it to my computer. Itunes knows a ipod device is connected but not which one. It contacts apple to get the correct info.

    It recognizes my ipod, and behold it is in recovery mode. I followed the procedure for restoring the touch via itunes. All is well....til restoring firmware...and it hangs. I got the apple and a spinning wheel, and its been like that for an hour. No matter which firmware...no matter how many times I retry.

    Don't ask me about DFU....i have no clue about that. I never see anything on my screen to inidicate that I am in that mode.

    During initial restore with the touch...the comp dings the usb ding many times through the recovery process... you know....connected to usb...not connected to usb....

    So help!? What next. I have a beautiful clean flawless touch that shows me an apple and a wheel.

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