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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by JhnGard, May 19, 2008.

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    Im new to this site and am very sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section.
    well im also new to jiggy and am trying to make a very simple app to get me started.
    I keep getting stuck and can't figure out what I have to do. I was wondering if someone could make this code, and send it to me, and tell me a few details on how they made it, the rest i should be able to figure out on my own by looking at the finished code.

    This is what I would like

    First page

    Navigation bar - a button to the left that says Page1. a button to the right that says Page2. and in the center a the title (HOME).

    ON first page - a big text box with big letters (font size 20 maybe) that says hello I would like this box a diff color so i stands out. under that a new text box with random words that text wrap.

    Second page

    Navigation bar- This is the page you would get to by clicking Page1 on navibar on first page. No button on the left in the middle of bar a title that says Page1 then a button on the right named HOME that would bring you back to the first page.

    ON second page - just a colored text box that has random words that wrap around.

    Third page

    navigation bar- you get here by clicking Page2 on the first page navi bar. a button on the left that says HOME, to bring you back to the first page. a title on the navi that says PAGE2 and no button on the right.

    ON third page- same as on second page.

    I hope someone can help please PM or reply to this thread witch would be even better.
    I am registered on ipodtouchmaster forum as JhnGard9965.

    Just post the code...

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