Jiggy= Double edged sword

Discussion in 'Jiggy Runtime Development' started by spinner, Jan 13, 2008.

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    You guys know about jiggy, the wonderful little app that makes stuff easier for developers and allows coding noobs to crank out apps. Ahhh, but therein lies the double-edge! Noobs cranking out apps. Scary. On a few other forums,(not nessecarily this one) I have seen a bunch of complete coding noobs mass producing apps. An unsuspecting newb comes along and dl the app. Wham! His perfect ipod is now acting like a spoiled little kid. It won't do anything they want it to, and sometimes the spinning wheel of death makes a guest appearance. This of course results in: "WHAT?! I have to restore?! But I'm on the final trainer in Pokemon Fire Red!" While Jiggy is a very useful and time-saving tool, it has also opened up some power to noobs who don't know how to use it. (like me for instance, I will never post a jiggy app or any app of my making untill I have tested it thoroughly many times) So here are a few rules to use when downloading apps that aren't from installer:
    #1 If someone made it using jiggy, wait untill someone else has tested it first.(it could be great, or it could murder you ipodt)

    #2 If anyone says they "Just whipped up an app for such-and-such" WAIT untill someone else tests it first!

    #3 Chances are, if someone knows what they're doing and has created a good, working app, It will get on installer through his source or someone elses. Usually,(at least for the most part) apps that reach installer work right. (obviously, there have been exceptions. Catagories.app and the 1.1.3 prep are two for instance)

    In general, love your touch like an exotic pet, be very careful what you feed it!
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    great post! I totally agree with this.
    Again, on our quest to find answers we encounter more questions...
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    Nice warning. I just got app reveal working for all my apps and I'd hate to have to do it all over again. Or worse restoring.

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