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    2G iPod touch
    i was wondering in the part of the gui program where i need to choose the jailbroken ipsw, uhh, where is that?
    my friend sent me one before, but i had to reboot my comp to factory settings due to a BSOD with my realtek hd audio control panel
    so yea... what was the file my friend sent me
    it read as this "JailbrokenIPSW.ipsw" and was almost 300mb iirc
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    uhhh unbelievable
    i think my ipod is bricked i plugged it into my comp and it isnt recognized
    and i cant enter dfu or exit
    itunes doesnt even pick it up as an ipod
    any way to fix this?
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    please help!!!
    i tried the "if you think your ipod is bricked" threads both ideas TWICE

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