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    Jan 9, 2008
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    I was wondering if it is possible to run jailbroken apps (or drm free apps) on the 2.0 software. For example music that you buy from itunes works the same way as the apps. Everybody is talking about how to take out the drm thing out of the app but cant you just put an app that is made by our community into the ipod. You don't need to buy music from the itunes store to have music on your ipod. you can put that music on your ipod from a cd you imported. I have tried putting a jailbroken app into itunes (installer), it imported fine just the way a song would import, but i am unable to sync it to my ipod. Maybe we should focus on making apps able to work with 2.0 software instead of jailbreaking. Flame all you want because i know nothing about code. I was raised on the drag-and-drop simplicity of macs. Is this possible?
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    ok, you're new, but there have been many threads about this, FYI.

    in a nutshell:

    not yet.
    will be.

    atleast, thats with the latest version of 2.0.

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