JailBroken 2.2.1 Touch

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    I have just Jailbroken the 2.2.1 firmware by doing something a little strange. I will be uploading a video of the touch soon so people can see im not talking rubbish.

    Here is how i did it and what you will need.
    You need to know someone who has a jailbroken Iphone with 2.2.1 software on it. (that version of Iphone can be JailBroken with Quickpwn).

    Step one: Connect your mates or your Iphone to a Computer ( I use Mac but it should not matter). Once it has been connected. Right click or Control+Click on mac, the name of the device then click backup.

    Step2: Unplug the Iphone and connect your Ipod touch. Click restore and wait for the Ipod to restore.

    Step3: Once the Ipod has restored, it will ask you if you would like the start a new Ipod with new settings or if you would like to use a previous one (your backed up files). There should be a drop down menu with an backup option to use the settings for the Iphone that you Backed up earlier. eg. It mite say Ben's Iphone or something like that. Click that.

    Step4: Once it has installed the settings from your backup. You can then open the newest QuickPwn and following the instructions to Jailbreak your Ipod.

    I have just done this for a mate and it worked. I do not know a huge amount about why it works but it does.

    I know there are going to be people saying Bullsh*t or saying it wont work and maybe it wont for you but It has worked for me and I just thought a could share it with others.

    Try it and let me know what your results are.
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    Here is the video of proof that it has been done.

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    Aside from iTunes pushing the iPhone settings to the iPod, what exactly is so odd about this? You're still jailbreaking using the same method everyone does.

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