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    Hi ... I'm really new to jailbreaking anything. I was just wondering a couple of things and I'm sorry if they're common knowledge or posted somewhere here (I have looked) but here goes:

    1. Is there a major difference between a jailbroken 1.1.4 and 2.x because since you can download apps with both I was just wondering what the point of upgrading is - or is it that there are more apps

    2. I was checking the perfect jailbreaking FAQ and seeing the different stats for the types of jailbreaking ... what is a "custom payload" and if I want SDK apps (not really sure the difference) but jailbroke with say ZiPhone is there a way to get them?

    Thank-you for any help you can give!!!

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    Jun 20, 2008
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    1. AppStore apps got Apple support so more and better developers are making app on SDK. SDK apps got some limitation this is major diffrence (no BG processing and modifying the system). Since 2.0 have crucial differences in API, it's not compatible with 1.1.4 apps, so you are forced to update 2.0 if you want new JB apps versions.

    2.Yes you can have both apps system working

    Oh, also remeber that not all 1.1.4 been yet prepared for 2.0, some of them moved to AppStore to increase range of distribution, some (like Skatches) are no longer free.

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