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    There have been a million posts on this.. and counting. My post is a little bit different, because I explain my problems instead of "help me, I can't jailbreak my firmware 3.1.1 iPod Touch 2g".

    I have an iPod Touch 2g, bought in late 2009, running firmware 3.1.1 but was originally shipped with 3.0.

    -I have tried using iTunes 9 and 8.x.
    -I have tried shift+restore in both Recovery mode and DFU mode. I get error 1601.
    -I uninstalled Apple Device Support, iTunes etc. and reinstalled them all.
    -I tried rebooting.
    -I tried programs like iRecovery and AutoDown.
    -I tried on Win XP and Vista. I have no access to a Mac.

    No matter what I do, no matter how I try to install firmware 3.0, I always get error 1601 in iTunes. It simply does NOT want to downgrade. When I try firmware 3.1.1, it wants to "verify" with apple. How can I downgrade without using the above methods? I want to jailbreak my touch, but the thing doesn't want to downgrade. 5 hrs of searching, 0 progress.
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    I checked up with Apple. They said my model (which shows up as "iPod Touch (Late 2009)" on their website) is in fact an iPod Touch 3G. So my main problem of not being able to downgrade was because I am using a 3G touch that was shipped with 3.1, not 3.0.

    So it's impossible to downgrade at the moment. For those of you that are having problems downgrading, check Apple's website to see if you are really using a 2G touch.
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    UPDATE 2
    I read that if you have an 8 gig iPod Touch 3G, there's no difference at all. So back to square 1.

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