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    Ok I have my Touch a few days now. As most of us I also did jailbreak my Touch and all went fine. I even did the installer to get the iPhone apps installed on the Touch (inside the ipods file system through WinSCP).

    Ok In the evening it went bad, as my Touch got stuck and did nothing anymore just displaying the Apple logo. On this forum someone explained how to get the Touch back to work again. By doing the procedure of holding the hold and home button things and then via iTunes you can reset the TOuch back to Default settings. Ok so here I am again.. Did the jailbreak thing again but nothing else.. I am scared because..

    1) Is there any way that Apple can see I did jailbreaked it before? I mean sure I did reset the touch via iTunes and all and back to default settings. But I also added some iPhone apps to the file system of the touch itself! (WinSCP). My question, was also the file system reset by the method i performed?

    2) Now that I jailbreaked my Touch before, but now back to default settings will I be able to update future firmware updates from apple or?

    3) How big is the chance you completely @^$@ up your Touch by Jailbreaking/adding iPhone apps?

    I really need to know these things, and i think many of us want to know! So please tell me

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