Jailbreaking ipod 2.2 with older mac ppc freezes

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X' started by BeezyBaby, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Dec 11, 2008
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    Just as the title says ive tried both quickpwn and manually doing pwnage tool...

    It freezes in quickpwn when it is preparing the ipod right before it tries to extract the files.

    And in Itunes after making a custom file it freezes at the very end of loading my.ipsw

    I jailbroke my ipod touch with 2.1 on a friends laptop but this computer is all I have at my disposal atm.

    any suggestions?
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    now heres the weird thing I was 99% sure downgrading to 2.1 would do anything..

    BUT my ipod jailbroke perfectly with 2.1 on the same ppc mac?

    wtf is that

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