iOS 3.1 Jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone 3GS

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by jorge999, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Sorry if this is a reall noob question or has been asked before - I have searched these forums but not found a definitive answer.

    I bought a iPhone 3GS off eBay and it was jailbroken and unlocked to 3.0. I have no idea which method was used to carry out these processes. I require it unlocked as I use the Orange network in the UK. I would now like to upgrade to 3.1.2 but also be able to jailbreak and unlock the phone again afterwards. I know the jailbreak part is easy through blackra1n but have read conflicting reports about the unlocking side.

    Can someone let me know if both can be done and if there is a knock-on effect for future jailbreaks and unlocks?
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    The 3.1.2 baseband cant be unlocked ATM.

    Stay on 3.0 if you wanna have you phone unlocked.
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    Basically, if ur iphone 3gs is unlocked in 3.0 then the baseband will be preserved so what i advise u to do is to download a custom firmware (around the internet, google it) 3.1.2 which preserve the baseband yet update the SDK.

    The reason why i am asking u to find a custom firmware 3.1.2 is cause if u dont have MAC then u cannot download the new ipwnage tool that jailbreaks and unlocks. So the custom firmware is just for window users.

    When u downloaded the custom firmware (it will automatically be jailbroken with cydia installed) so all u do is go and connect to a wifi and connect to cydia and add a new source called

    and when u add this, goo onto search and type in Ultrasn0w and download the package. Simple and plug ur simcard inside and ur done.

    (if u want, i will PM u the custom firmware i used to update 3.1.2, i am unlocked with 3gs and activated and with THREE NETWORK)

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