Jailbreak questions from a new iPod Touch user

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by alexkim, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Hey guys im new to the ipod world and these forums so i have a few newbie questions.

    1) Redsn0w came out but its tethered. Whats the difference between tethered and un tethered. Sorry if this has been mentioned before.

    2) EXTREME NEWBIE ALERT: What does a jailbreak actually do?

    3) If you 2.2 firmware and u jailbroke it but 2.2.1 came out will u have to jailbreak again? And what about the apps?

    4) Whats winterboard? is there a difference between that and redsn0w?

    Thanks a lot guys! Sorry if this makes you go like this

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    or facepalm -___-
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    Tethered as I understand it means that you'll have to re-jailbreak it if you reboot your ipod.

    Rebooting is holding down the power key for more than 5 seconds.

    Sleeping it just touching the power key and is suggested.

    A jailbreak lets you install third party apps not approved by apple, themes and other stuff.

    Winterboard is a Theme Program that helps you change themes.
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    way incorrect.

    first off, tethered means that u have to reapply the redsn0w patch everytime u reboot... u don't have to completly re jailbreak. this doesn't include sleep mode... sleep mode is ok.

    jailbreaking is running a patched/custom firmware that will let u download third party apps and themes, all for free.

    now, i would suggest just upgrading to 2.2.1 and then jailbreaking, don't do it on 2.2. but if u jailbroke on 2.2, and then upgraded to 2.2.1, u would have to rejailbreak. which is a hastle.

    and finally, redn0w is the code name for the iphone dev team's ipod touch 2g jailbreak. thats really all it is. winterboard on the otherhand, is a program that u get from jailbreaking, and that manages ur themes. u get ur themes from cydia, which is a central download program that has all ur downloads there. u can get ur themes and apps from that program.

    any other questions just hit me up with a PM

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