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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by edson95, Jun 20, 2009.

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    hey sorry if theres already a thread like this , but it kinda gets annoying when people start saying stuff like does ssh or winterboard work? so if yoinu guys would be kind enough to post wich jailbreak apps or mods you guys have working on 3.0 that would be a big help to me and everyone.
    so far ive gotten
    and five icon dock to work
  2. Apps that work on Firmware 3.0

    So far I have installed and tested only a few (jailbroken) apps.


    "Works", though switching some of the toggles e.g. WiFi doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

    Installed "Wikisrvd dirty hack" from Cydia, renamed articles_de.bin to "articles.bin" (has to be placed in the right directory, for me it was /private/var/mobile/Media/Wikipedia/de) and then I activated Wiki2Touch via toggle in BossPrefs.
    First it didn't work: Seemingly it needed some toggling back and forth and (maybe) changing permissions in corresponding directories to 0777 - I am still not really sure how I got it working ;-)

    Installed via Cydia, no Problems so far.

    It wasn't available on Cydia, but luckily I had a safety copy from 2.2 on my harddrive. Installed it via SSH, works flawlessly. Really handy, since for me it was the only way so far for renaming App Store Apps without "breaking" them.

    Installed via Cydia, no Problems so far.

    Installed via Cydia, works. BUT: I couldn't manage using Terminal to copy MobileStudio.app to /private/var/stash/Applications.pwn in order to give it full (and REAL) root access (with capability of editing and deleting files). It gave me some error message about "omitting" that procedure.

    IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO SOLVE THIS, PLEASE TELL ME! I loved beeing able to download videos via Safari, unrar them via Terminal and copy/edit/watch them via MobileStudio (with REAL access to /private/var/mobile/Media/Downloads) - I'm really missing that now!

    By the way: Did some of you notice that changing permissions via MobileStudio stopped working on 3.0? Even in it's own "sandbox" it does not work: tapping the corresponding toogles (">" in a circle, next to file names) shows no reaction whatsoever :-(

    NOT Working:

    Mobile Music Player Flip (Tweak):
    Just didn't work for me, since the icons weren't merged. So I uninstalled it.
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    The problem does not lay in 3.0 and/or its applications, it is in iTunes 8.2, there have been reports that 8.2 ticks the iphone/iTouch back from DFU into Recovery mode.....

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