Jailbreak 1.1.2 windows.bat won't open.

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    ok, for all of you who had trouble with this i found a web-site that helped me, so hopefully it can help you. basically it said.
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    Just want to let everyone know how to fix this windows.bat problem on a PC in windows XP Pro.

    After you follow all the guide steps, just before you open Jailbreak software,
    First Shutdown Itunes. Then Cancel in task manager: itunes helper, and ipod.exe. (basicly if it has to do with itunes or ipod or apple cancel it too)

    Undock iphone.

    Next make sure you UNzip the Jailbreak software to its own folder. ( i would put it on the destop)

    Then open your new folder.

    Connect your iphone. and right away double click Windows.bat (it will launch the Java application (jailbreak)

    Quickly, check ssh and push the magic button. (i noticed the faster you do this the more likely you will have success on the first try, because when you connect the phone windows communicates with iphone, hence the chirp and after a few seconds the communication is ended)

    a box should pop telling you connecting, flash etc. and the black windows.bat box should start a sequence.

    Wait for the restarts and DOne!!

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