Jailbreak 1.1.2 Prob: endless windows.bat loop

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.x Jailbreak' started by scottthebum, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Hi guys, I've searched with so many different variables to find out if anyone else has had the same problem but came up with nothing so I'll try posting this new thread.

    I am completely rejailbreaking my iTouch and have done this a number of times.

    All of a sudden after doing everything "by the book" (Restore 1.1.1, jailbreakme.com, OktoPrep, Update 1.1.2, Eject iPod but leave connected, & windows.bat) windows.bat forever loops the "Reading Flash image" portion. I even left it alone for a few hours hoping it was just a matter of time but every time the read numbers reach the end (xxxxxxxxx/314xxxxxx), the whole process returns to 0 and starts again.

    I've jailbroken my iPodtouch before and have somehow gotten past this once or twice. But whenever I think I figured out the reason for this, my solution doesnt work the next time. I've explored insufficient disk space in any of my desktop's drives, my iTouch being in "sleep mode", "restore mode", and off. None of these solutions have worked consistently and now I can't think of what else I can do.

    Can anyone shed some light as to why my windows.bat execution is looping?
    Thanks sincerely in advance.
    - J
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    Did you closed all programs that are related to iTunes and iPod?
    If yes, try repeating all the steps again (start from a restored ipod for safety) until u open windows.bat for jailbreak, but this time do not close all iTunes/iPod related. Only close iTunes.
    If no, then try closing all iTunes/iPod programs.

    make sure you're in 1.1.2 if using windows.bat
    make sure you have the latest Java installed
    Force restore iPod and start front scratch

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