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    Hey don't know if this is in the write section, but I don't want to register to a new forums for this. Anyway here goes, I connected my office computer to Jaadu VNC and works fine (Windows Media Center Edition 2005). Now I want to connect it to my laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium), but it always gets the same error, I get UltraVNC working fine, and installed VNC Connect and started fine, It starts to connect and up to the last step it works fine but ALWAYS stops working at the last step, here is the log:

    9:56:42 PM: Jaadu VNC Connect 2.0.6 for Windows starting...
    9:56:47 PM: Adding mapping... (4582->5900)
    9:56:50 PM: Finished search for router
    9:56:50 PM: Local IP: 192.168.2.X
    9:56:50 PM: Protocol: UPnP
    9:56:50 PM: Router IP: 192.168.2.X
    9:56:50 PM: Router: Belkin Corporation
    9:56:50 PM: External IP: xx.xx.xxx.xxx
    9:56:50 PM: Mapping changed: Trying 4582 --> 0
    9:56:50 PM: Mapping changed: Mapped 4582 --> 4582
    9:56:50 PM: Mapping active
    9:56:50 PM: Registering address...
    9:56:51 PM: Code: 201
    9:56:51 PM: Address: ivan-pc.jaadudns.com
    9:56:51 PM: Port: 4582
    9:56:51 PM: Encryption: off
    9:56:51 PM: Skip search: off
    9:56:51 PM: Connectivity test started
    9:56:56 PM: Failure: Connection timed out, trying again in 5 seconds

    9:57:02 PM: Checking for update...
    9:57:02 PM: Jaadu VNC Connect is up to date.
    9:57:07 PM: Failure: Connection timed out, trying again in 5 seconds
    9:57:17 PM: Failure: Connection timed out
    9:57:17 PM: Connectivity test failed
    9:57:17 PM: Your computer is not directly accessible from the Internet.

    To fix this, follow these instructions: www.jaaduvnc.com/jaaduconnect-help-...&routerint=

    9:57:17 PM: Removing mapping...
    9:57:17 PM: Mapping changed: Unmapped 4582 --> 0
    9:57:17 PM: Mapping inactive

    Any help please?

    EDIT: BTW, I have a Belkin wireless G Router, When I go to the page it tells me to it doesn't help, NONE of those options it tells you to change are there...

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