iZoo skin for JirbroJive

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    iZoo Skin

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    title says it all, un-zip, locate JirbroJive on your iphone/ipod touch through SSH, replace files, and enjoy.

    1.its kinda watered down. the animals don't make those face when they are matched (not my fault i just skinned it and that's lack of JirboJive applications effects)
    2.there are no bombs
    3.sound effect as same as JirboJive
    4. i wasn't able to change the app name to "iZoo" if anybody know how to do this for an app store app on 2.1 tell me(yes i tried Rename but it doesn't work)
    5.there is a glitch with the alligators, you could have 3 matched up but they will remian on screen, just keep playing and eventually they will go away(this has only happened twice, and no theres nothing i can do to fix this)

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    Lazrhog is the man for creating this, if you want me to remove this for any reason let me know

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