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    Their names were greeble. I had done countless experiments on them, whether it had hurt them or not. Was that such a cold thing to do? No, it was for the better of science. It would help us all, and plus, I created them. Was it okay to destroy what I had created? I shook the thoughts out of my head. When I made them, I hadn’t made them with feelings. Yet, they looked curious as the effects I made on them. Whether it were the blizzard’s ice crystals diving down, swift and fast, or the raging fire, burning and striving. The tornado swept the greeble off its feet. Then, came the Gamma Rays.

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    iWrath is a game where you are the scientist. Your test subjects are small creatures called greebles’. Experiment and experience the thrills of how the greebles’ react to the cold, winter blizzard, or the flaming hot fires. Watch as the gamma rays change the greeble, and the solar flare does its effect.

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    In iWrath you pull a lever to drop the greeble into your testing chamber, where you can press buttons, pull levers and spin wheels to cause a special event to happen. iWrath has exhilarating graphics and perfect sounds, that aren’t too much and give the perfect reaction to, well, each of the greebles’ reactions. The game-play is fun, as you try different combinations to get different results, such as; lava, blizzards, tornados and even solar flares, (and of course, much more). Overall, this game is enjoyable, and should leave you with a game to have fun, and to also show your friends. See what combinations they try. How’s your wrath?

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