iWike about to get a LOT better!

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    iWik about to get a LOT better!

    For all you iWik users, iWik is about to get a major upgrade sometime in the near future.

    Here is what he wrote back to me:
    1) I'm going to have an "Edit" button soon... that launches safari so you can edit the page there.
    2) Yes, the homepage is changing. I had to get this newest version out so that it would show up. I spent yesterday adding in the sections and the font stuff.
    I'd love to see a design for this... I'd give you credit if I used it. I don't have anything out on paper yet.
    3) The problem is that when I turn on zoom the whole "make it look good in the phone" thing explodes. It kind of zooms wayyyyy out (like you had a big monitor).
    If I turn off zooming, then it looks correct. I really want to find a way to get this working properly though.

    He also said,"m going to make iWik be able to load *ANY* other wiki. So, you could use WIktionary."

    So iWik is gonna get major upgrades sometime this year!

    Also, here are some of the demos I sent him: (tell me what you think!)

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