iTunes wrecked my iPod music and Videos by converting to 'Other'

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by goundry, Oct 24, 2007.

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    A really odd thing happened tonight where iTunes / iPod converted all of my music and videos on the iPod to 'other', meaning that the iPod didn't reckognise it and iTunes was unable to delete it

    What happened:
    I added some tunes to iTunes on my Mac to sync to the mod'd iTouch and it synced fine. I then made a few more amendments in iTunes (created a new playlist and deleted some tracks) and synced and it displayed a message saying that i didn't have space on the ipod for the iTunes tracks.

    I looked in iTunes at the space indicators for the iPod and there was aparantly no music nor videos on the iPod, but there was 7.5G of 'other'. On the iPod there was indeed no music or videos anymore. So, it appears that iTunes / iPod got confused about all this data and migrated it to the 'other' category.

    To fix the iPod, i had to reset the ipod to delete all that 'other' data (which caused a few jailbreak issues that i fixed manually over SSH) and then i was able to resync 13G of data back onto the iPod with no problem and it all works fine again

    Anyone had this issue?

    Does anyone know if this is related to the jailbreak?

    One other potentially contributing facture is the fact that the day before, i had connected the iPod to a PC to copy a video onto the iPod and i had setup iTunes in XP to allow manual data syncing. This appeared to confuse iTunes on the mac a little. Could this have caused any problem?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help

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