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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by whitepod, Jan 17, 2008.

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    im on a laptop with itunes 7.3 i need to update to 7.6. however when iever i try and download it says something about ipodeverything is a invalid short file name. (ipodeverything was the name of the folder i had my music on on my external harddrive) i don't have the hd hooked up anymore and just want to use the local drive. so i figured i could uninstall and reinstall but it gives me the same error and ideas? thanks in advance
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    if you have no music try uninstalling everything iTunes
    in c/program files there is a folder delete it
    if itune helper is running go to run type msconfig look in startup and remove check next to it
    and restart now itune helper won't start in startup go back to c/program files and delete the rest of the itunes folder
    run search key word iTunes and delete all iTunes files
    then restart and try to reinstall the 7.6 from the apple site

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