iTunes won't show my iTouch and other issues

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Nintendork, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I just got my computer back from being fixed today. I also just installed iTunes 9.0.3. I plugged in my iTouch, and it said it could not be used because the Mobile Apple Device hasn't been started, so I went in Settings > Control Panel > Admin. Tools > Services > Mobile Apple Device > set it to start automatically > clicked start, and it did.

    But also when I plugged my iTouch into the USB, it makes the USB chime and even charges, but it won't appear on the side in iTunes. Plus all the songs in my library have the grey exclamation mark indicating that they can't be found!

    It was completely fine on Tuesday before it was sent in to get fixed. Now iTunes won't register my iTouch, and all my songs have a grey "!"...

    Please help someone

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    Ok nevermind. For some reason it randomly just now decided to register my iTouch after closing/re-opening...

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