itunes switched my apps on me?

Discussion in 'iTunes App Store Games & Apps' started by drslippyfist, Jul 5, 2009.

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    I'm a newbie to itunes so I'm not really sure if this is common or if it was my mistake. I connected my touch 2g to sync today and when it was done I went and saw that I only had about 20 of my 100 apps on it. So then I checked the apps checklist tab on itunes and saw that most of my apps had been unchecked. I am the only person that goes on this comp and I didn't uncheck any of the apps. Now I have lost some of the data that was stored on those apps. Is this a common problem or just stupid me did something stupid. Thanks for your help.

    p.s. I am also new to this forum and didn't see a trouble shooting thread.
    I hate people that post in wrong places but it looked like this was the only place for a question like this. Am I right or is there a thread made specifically just for trouble shooting.

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