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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by The Crow, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Hello, I wanted to mention that iTunes has changed its download that you may already have to their benefit. I have had the same iTunes for about 2yrs now, and last night I went to update my iTunes with some free Apps. I downloaded via wifi on my iPod Touch from the iTunes Store. While doing so, iTunes when I opened it went through a simple upgrade that I had to do or I wouldn't be able to continue. Then after finishing the upgrade and then I went to do the update of the free Apps., it started to Sync and then certain Apps. were sent to my Recycle bin on my desktop of my computer. Even though it through about 6 Apps. away into my Recycle bin, the Apps. were not gone but I did not understand why it did so and what really happened? So just for you guys/gals to watch out for this if it happens to you because I never had this happen before and I don't know if any of you have seen this, but it was odd! I am not sure about what really happened, but I heard there is a big virus out there that everybody should be aware of. It was on the radio and the news for the past 5 days, about a virus that was being sent all over the web that shows up similar to any upgrade for certain programs that you may already have. You may think they are legit but the radio show said that you should only accept upgrades that are offered via Microsoft or Windows, because they can not narrow it down to where the virus is coming from. So just beware of these upgrades and make sure you know what they are and where they are coming from, but I just thought I would tell you that and share with you about my iTunes thing and see if any of you have had this happen to you?

    Cheers, The Crow
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    Erm... it was updating the free applications. The old versions were sent to your recycle bin. The new versions are still in your iTunes. There is no virus.
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    In iTunes, you can right click an application and click on "Show in Finder/Explorer." Then you can see where all of your .ipa files are located on your computer.

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