itunes problem (payment failed)))

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by kerri77, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    hi can someone please put my mind at rest...

    basically i had a new debit card come through as previous card was damaged .. i have just tried to update my payment on itunes store,, it says me payment isnt valid after several attempts i called itunes/ apple support in Texas argghhh was on phone for 40 mins then cut off....

    so i tried to do payment type as direct debit from bank instead... once again have to input debit card details,,, card not valid i have used it for several times today no probs... just thought i would call my bank they say nothing up with account... they say 6.36 was taken out at 4pm,, (chicken from tesco) then she said and exactly £1.00 came out 15mins ago thing is i have not used my card for a pound!! i did try and purchase a single for 79p and 1.29 from itunes but of course payment would not go through... now what does everyone suggest,,, am i worrying over nothing what do i need to do to get itunes to recognise my bank card,, this is driving me mad,, kind regards

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