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    Hey guys I was wonderig since mewseek doesn't work anymore why can't A dEv make an app that let's us synch downloaded music from the iPod without a computer bc my computer broke so I can't even use it so I was wondering since the iTunes app on the ipod does this y can't someone make asimilar app to synch downloaded music to the and pleas don't make bad comments I just wanna give an idea oh and srry for the spelling as u can see I'm using my iPod as my computer doesn't work

    o yea this same thread was on a diff forum in this site so i decided t move it and ill dbl post the rest of my thread
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    My computer just suddenly went slow as hell and I went to task manager after waiting for it to show up and it says my CPU is at 100% and then I took out some procecess and it didn't even budge so I tried safe mode and same thing I didn't download anything and I got a good antivirus kaspberry so I doubt i got a virus plus it's so slow when I try to go on iTunes aftr 2 hrs of waiting iTunes isn't even showing up so my comp right now is only good for charging my iPod :/ and the iTunes app is like you buy a song and u download it and it gets put In your music app rght? Cuz I only got 37 songs in my iPod and the day I finally find like 30 new songs it don't work

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