Itunes messing with me...

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by J-Phone, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Itunes have keeps telling me im missing some apps, i have those apps in my libriary already and it still says to download them again. some of the apps i have to download are doubled too! heres the list
    tap tap revenge 2.6
    skater nation free
    action bowling free
    song summoner: the unsung heroes
    flip it! lite
    call of duty world at woar zombies lite
    homerun battle 3D lite
    dum dum pops flick
    text plug
    yahoo! messenger
    **** piano free
    18,000 cool jokes
    myspace mobile
    dog whistler
    mood sense lite
    smart recorder
    mood sense lite
    do not press the red button
    shotgun free
    ebay mobile
    smart recorder
    bubble wrap
    wha a mole

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