iTunes library with two MAC's?

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by jimbeam, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I set it up using this tutorial, not as a NAS but the second setup.

    Heres the problems :? I have to set it all up again on the client macbook every time I power off the macbook or disconnect from the network. Not hard to do, just a pain in the balls! Also iTunes on the macbook lags like a son of a b?tch!

    Its great though because I can sync with ether computer and any changes I make take effect on both.

    So my question is there any way to make iTunes faster with this setup and how can I have the macbook automatically connect to the shared library?

    Would it be better to set up a NAS? If so can someone point me to a good guide on how to set up an external drive on a mini as a NAS?

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