iTunes-iPhone Sync Problem ! PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by lfiano, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Feb 15, 2008
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    hi ! well.. i got a problem, i format my pc yesterday and i downloaded itunes, and pass the songs of my ipod touch to pc.. and well it works good. today i put my iphone to pass 3 songs that i download today and it says that my iphone cannot sync with two library (i got itunes in spanish i think biblioteca is library) and it says that i got to delete all info.. but i got applications that i download with ssh (i got 2.0pwn) all the contacts (SO MUCH) notes, and another things.. but it a put delete all .. are the songs .. OR ALL ?.. beacuse i got se songs in my itunes and well.. i only put pass it to the itunes another time, but if it all there is another way ? (NOTE: my ipod touch (2.0.1 pwn) works normally)

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